Submission Process

Access to the IFH Survey / Data Core resources is designed to be as seamless as possible and ensure that investigators are able to spend more time on designing and conducting research. The submission process is divided up into four steps: the formal application, consultation, proposal review, and formal approval.

Research Application:

The first step to requesting services with the IFH Survey / Data Core is to submit an initial application. Investigators are asked to provide preliminary information on their study, preliminary scope of work for the Core, and the data resources (if applicable) being requested.

An initial application can be submitted online.


A member of the IFH Survey / Data Core will contact the investigator to set up an initial consultation, if requested, to discuss the scope of the project, provide preliminary budget information, and discuss project feasibility. The initial consultation is free and is provided to help guide the grant submission process and/or overall review of services.

Proposal Review:

All requests for services will be reviewed by the Core prior to formalizing an agreement. Each application shall be reviewed and approved by either the full Core Oversight Committee or by the Faculty Director of the Core. The proposal review is applicable to both Rutgers and non-Rutgers projects to ensure that all projects achieve the highest ethical standards of research, meets high standards of scientific rigor, are executed in a timely and efficient manner, and as needed meet all criteria as required by specific dataset usage terms.

Projects are initially reviewed by the Faculty Director, and may be given an exempt status to bypass a full committee review. Exempt status is granted on a case by case basis, and is considered based on the datasets utilized, human subject involvement, IFH affiliation, funding body, and current IRB status.


Projects deemed exempt from committee review may be approved within 1-2 weeks while projects that require a full committee review can expect to receive approval within 2-4 weeks from proposal submission.

The Core will provide support during a grant submission process, including signing of a Letter of Support, if applicable.

During the project period or commencement of an agreement, the Core will work with the user and our partners to ensure access to any resources agreed upon, including the HIPAA compliant computing environment, specific datasets, etc. All agreements that utilize data resources are made contingent upon receiving licensor approval.