Services & Resources


The IFH Survey / Data Core provides a wide variety of research services and expertise in survey research design and execution, and epidemiological research and data analysis. Our staff is highly specialized and has experience in all areas of research design, preparation, programming, and analysis for our numerous in-house resources.

Data Resources:

The IFH Survey / Data Core data portfolio is extensive and features local, state, national, and international healthcare and administrative records for research. Several of these data resources include: Medicare, Medicaid, CPRD Gold and Aurum, and MarketScan. Additional datasets may become available for use.To see a full list of Core resources please follow this link Core Resources

Fee Structure:

Use of all Core resources are subject to the below hourly rates. The rate structure is adjusted annually and is subject to NIH cost principles and requirements. Internal rates apply to any Rutgers University affiliated project. External rates are available for projects for non-Rutgers University affiliated projects. Assisted rates apply to access of Core resources and a Core analyst while Unassisted rates refer to access of Core resources using one’s own personnel.

Service Internal External
Survey Resources $86.00 $136.00
Data Resources $176.00 $280.00

The above rates are all inclusive and include access to the HIPAA compliant computing system, dedicated IT and Core support, and access to any number of datasets or survey resources as is scientifically justifiable as per specific project needs. Please note that in addition to the Core’s rates access to certain datasets may incur incremental charges, charged directly by the licensor, which will be passed along to the user.

Proposal Review:

All requests for services will be reviewed by the Core prior to formalizing an agreement. Each application shall be reviewed and approved by either the full Core Oversight Committee or by the Faculty Director of the Core. The proposal review is applicable to both Rutgers and non-Rutgers projects to ensure that all projects achieve the highest ethical standards of research, meets high standards of scientific rigor, are executed in a timely and efficient manner, and as needed meet all criteria as required by specific dataset usage terms.

Projects are initially reviewed by the Faculty Director, and may be given an exempt status to bypass a full committee review. Exempt status is granted on a case by case basis, and is considered based on the datasets utilized, human subject involvement, IFH affiliation, funding body, and current IRB status.


Projects deemed exempt from committee review may be approved within 1-2 weeks while projects that require a full committee review can expect to receive approval within 2-4 weeks from proposal submission.

The Core will provide support during a grant submission process, including signing of a Letter of Support, if applicable.

During the project period or commencement of an agreement, the Core will work with the user and our partners to ensure access to any resources agreed upon, including the HIPAA compliant computing environment, specific datasets, etc. All agreements that utilize data resources are made contingent upon receiving licensor approval.